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Prospects for the development of hardware lock in China

Release Time:2018-7-30
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Lock is indispensable in our life, because it can bring us security, and it is also essential for every family. From ancient times to the present, locks are the focus of attention, especially in recent years with the continuous improvement of the lock market, making the hardware lock market as a big hot investor.

In the past, China's hardware lock industry still stays at the low level of development, mainly with the change of market trend in recent years, intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving has become a new concept of consumption. 360 hardware network believes that from the market trend in recent years, intelligent and environmental protection, energy saving hardware products are becoming more and more important It is favored by consumers.

Prospects for the development of hardware lock in China

China's elaborate hardware products market space is very large, the growth trend of top products is particularly obvious, compared with the previous year's growth rate is very high. Users also extend from the top five star hotels in the world to the purpose of building luxury houses. It can be seen that the market potential of elaborately building hardware products is huge. In the process of visiting the market, 360 Hardware Network found that more and more intelligent locks were carefully built, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Many metal locks dealers also revealed that the core locks gradually became the mainstream of metal lock products.

On the one hand, meticulously building a lock with high scientific and technological content, more prominent personalization and individualization, is sought after by consumers; on the other hand, products with high scientific and technological content are also higher in profit, and the merchants are naturally optimistic. After the baptism of the Internet market, many locks are deeply aware that only to improve the content of products, improve the grade of products and increase the added value of products, can we have a place in this market.

At present, intelligent locks with high scientific and technological content, including password lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock, etc. because of their unique convenience, and the gradual maturity of technology, have gradually won the approval of the consumer, and the fingerprint lock using biometric technology is more likely to eat crabs, non replicability and easy to carry. It does not forget, does not lose the characteristic, has the broader market prospect.

We believe that the development prospect of hardware lock is obvious to all. The future development direction of hardware lock has been developed to high technology, and we should develop towards the future.